Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Years Eve 2017 Considerations

I have watched and enjoyed the movie Rocky IV in ages past, but today I felt compelled to watch it (mostly because it is going off Prime). A line hit me today (let the pun fester), Rocky Jr asks about being scared to fight and Rocky responds, “…When I’m in the ring really getting hit… I wish this guy would [finish it] … Then there’s another side that comes out that isn’t so scared… because by going that one more round… when you don’t think you can—That’s what makes all the difference in …life.” There is some truth in the lesson here if not reminder …

There are uncertain and scary times as we face a new year. Sometimes, we have to understand that time is just a social construct, and from Ecclesiastics 3 ( Byrds, Turn, Turn Turn! ), there is a time for pain and healing; a time to be born and a time to seek. If we give up and believe we cannot go “one more round,” we get nothing more than today.  Then, time defines us instead of us defining our time.

As we go into the new year, remember that time is relative, and you choose to make of how you use it: you make of it what you will.  Choosing to make the experiences of time be of value to you may be the best gift to yourself.  Let us be willing to go another round even when you don’t think you can. Let us be willing to see that everyone is a Child of God, one full of promise and grace.

May the grace and shining of God be with you and give you peace in the new year.

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