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Put on a Hat? - 1Thessalonians 5

Put on a Hat?
Tony E Dillon Hansen
18 Dec 2017

A Sermon based upon 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Will you pray with me? May the words of my mouth and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in your sight O Lord, our Rock, Our Redeemer.

And All God’s Children say “Amen.”

I recall our good minister, Lindsey Braun, talking about this passage.
For my own, I love putting on hats and suddenly transforming into some character.

It can be liberating and fun to take on a character full of courage and wisdom.
With hats, we can also use them to hide away intentions and feelings.
Because we can draw the hat lower to hide our eyes from the world,
especially when the world looks like chaos and fear.

From racial profiling, systemic sexual violence, routine shootings, and challenges to water rights as well as to equal rights.

The world is full of negative energy gripping people.

When everything seems to be chaotic and anxious,
Thessalonians tells us to
put on a “breastplate of faith and love” and a “helmet the hope.”

Now, how does one do that, you ask?

I am glad you asked…
Our lesson also tells us that days of tension and negativity are reminders
to come together to “encourage …and build up each other.”

When you listen to each other, share your talents,
or share a meal with each other,
When you genuinely value all God’s Children,
When you share our authentic compassion
When you are demonstrations of Christ in life and community,
That is when we walk and put on a “breastplate of faith and love”
and a “helmet the hope”.

Further, Thessalonians tells us to go out -- teach the community this love!
When you take another’s hand,
And remind them we are in this together
-- that we are going to make it,
we not only teach but witness how to be a community again.

When we witness all Beloved children of God (1 John 3).
Yes, Black Lives Do Matter.
Blue Lives Do Matter.
Indians protecting their water Do matter.
Immigrant lives Do matter.
Queer lives Do matter.
Persons facing divorce, job loss, serious health diagnosis, or even loss of faith do matter.

All Beloved need and deserve authentic love
-- not just as token phrases,
but from our revealed compassion.
Remember that you are a Beloved Child of God.
That is how you wear the “armor” of faith, love and hope.
When you “encourage …and build up each other” and
when you welcome all to the table of communion,
then you remind each other that you too 
are a Beloved child, 
you matter,
and we are going to make it!

Even in the darkest hour (or longest night),
even during pain or betrayal,
And even when fear and injustice seem to reign
You do not have to hide behind makeshift hats.

Walk with your “breastplate of faith and love” and wear the “helmet of hope
And go forward with the assurance of God.

And you Child of God say with me, “Amen.”

Thanks Be to God. 
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