Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Trump is a failure

Trump is a failure!
His signature piece of legislation,
 cutting taxes, has cost Americans trillions of dollars in debt!
No economy for the future.
Zero effort on climate change.
Destruction of National Treasures (our national parks).
No health care reform.
No immigration reform.
Tearing apart families.
No healing of racial divides – not even an attempt.
No halting the stealing of intellectual property – companies still offshore.
Not making our streets safer – crime went up!
Weakened our credibility in the world and is laughing stock.
Taunted and weakened our alliances while emboldening those who threaten us (Russia, N. Korea).
Acts of war.
No Veteran administration reform and using our military as pawns.
Ignorance of the Constitution.
Crippled our education system.
Destructive moral leadership with all of the lies and adolescent behavior.
Complete disregard for women.
Government policies for sale.
Proposes cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Disability…
The list goes on…
Trump is running this country like his businesses... right into the ground.
A complete utter and total failure!

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