Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Its time to heal - Epiphany 2021

Its time to heal
06 Jan 2020
Tony E Dillon Hansen

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, there is a time for us.

Today’s events of violence and unprecedented anxiety tells how fragile our democracy is and how fractured our society we have become – when people were storming the citadel of liberty- our Capitol.  I can imagine many of you had many different thoughts as this unfolded. Personally, I went through several stages of grief in just a few moments including: anger, shock, grief and sadness. 

Yet I thought about what Jesus would do. 

We have seen this before in our own scriptures, (and our own lives here and today) where life was challenged by exile, defeat, and death. Yet, good people chose to reclaim our covenant with the Creator that has given us liberty, forgiveness, reconciliation and life. That reclamation has and continues to give us opportunities because we reconcile and forgive.  Times like these are when we need to lean into our hope, lean into our God-given gifts, and ride the path of tribulation into grace and reconciliation rather than despair and revulsion.  Yes, we must search our collective hearts for reconciliation as that is needed at this moment in time.  We must work together to heal.

When talking with youth from confirmation, I hoped to be able to put a pause on the anxious news for all of us, but this is a teaching moment for all of us so we spent time discussing this. 

It is time to teach and be taught.

It is time to reach out. It is time to remember we are not alone. 

Coincidentally, we were reminded that Jesus taught reconciliation for not only others but for our own selves - even when that feels difficult.  Without this, we perpetuate anger, hatred and a divided society. Then, people resort to violence without forgiveness and reconciliation.  Lean into your gifts and lean away from despair. 

Jesus taught us to be with each other in compassion and raise justice wherever we are on life’s journey -- and regardless of being “an enemy” or a neighbor. Jesus taught us to forgive and to reconcile - “forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

Today is called Epiphany – the revelation of Christ, and thus, I ask us to find that revelation in the nooks and crannies of our lives, our hearts and our hopes. 

This is hard to call today a great day in our context, but let us choose to reclaim the covenant of love, reconciliation, justice and compassion. Thus, even in the scary shadows of darkness from today’s chaos, let us find revelations of Christ in ourselves, and witness these in those officers who fought bravely to contain the mob and protect our democracy.  

May our Creator bring warm comforting arms to us all as we rise from these shocking moments of darkness. Yes we will rise and with God teaching us and helping us.  May our leaders walk in way of Christ to lead us to peace, justice, and healing. 

May God’s peace be with you. Amen.

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