Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pastoral Prayer Feb 2017

Pastoral Prayer 
12 Feb 2017
Tony E Dillon-Hansen

Holy and Gracious God, let us first come to in you the quiet prayers and meditations of our hearts and minds.

God of Love and Compassion, we are grateful that you have given us this day, our friends, our families, and our lives.

God of Love and Compassion let us be truly worthy of these gifts that you bestow upon us. 

Remind us of your steadfast love and grace in this world and reach out to those in need of your mercy and care.

Let us be thankful for what you have given to us as we ask for you to help our friends, neighbors and leaders.

Reach out with your comfort and guidance to the people of Standing Rock tribe worried about their home and their precious water supply.

Help our neighbors in poverty today find warm meals and hope in the grace of your glowing presence.

Reach out and guide our distant friends and families looking for a home that they may find a blessed and welcoming home here.

Watch over those traveling in the dreadful winter weather and comfort those that suffered through recent tornados of Louisiana.   

Comfort and help those struggling with mental illness, addiction and the many stress of life.  Let us turn to you and your wisdom.

Yes we are in need of you and your guidance.

Show us the wonder of your blissful music and colorful lights to enlighten our days with these bits of your love. 

We thank you for your wisdom in our lives, that we may be able to see through the clouds of doubt to find you and the Truth that you have given to us. Thank you for allowing us to question and to doubt. Thank you for helping us learn about young to grow with you.

Thank you for the many people that came before us, to show us, to walk with us and to be your examples of love on Earth. Show us your peace to our leaders and our divided communities that we may heal and to be your community.

Through Christ we Pray, Amen