Sunday, April 19, 2020


(Inspired by Dionysius and Chuang Tzu)

We witness transcendence
from left to right and light to dark.
We see transcendence
from right to left and dark to light;
From death to life and life to death.
Out of darkness came light
and from light we go to darkness.
All are one with the presence of the Holy One,
the Divine Wisdom.

And suddenly transfiguration is a transcendence
that we can witness in our own lives.
With the One who is beyond all,
we cannot literally comprehend that infinite image
who embodies both the divine Light and Darkness
to reveal the naked Truth:
that we cannot speak it because we cannot describe it,
but we can know it.

How do we allow the light and darkness
to transcend within us and in our being?
How do we reject the perfect light and darkness
by our feeble attempt to define its trueness, its being?

Spirit of the living Presence fall upon us and be with us
in all of your splendor and murky ways.
Spirit of Creation and Void who gives us life and death,
be nearer to our understanding and our denials.
Reveal to us so we might be able to truly embrace
what we cannot describe
 and allow that to be the naked Truth in our lives.

Spirit of the Light and the Dark,
be far from us so that we might be comforted in your presence;
That we may continue yours in no-words language,
actionless-action and thinkingless-thought,
And through your gracious Spirit,
open our questions and hearts to your True Presence.