Saturday, December 18, 2021

Village Montage 2021

Hello all,

This year I figured a way to keep kitty-zilla out of the village space and set up the Christmas, Fall and Halloween village as a unit with the train running through all of them. 

Some of you know that I have been doing this for years. I was sad when we moved into our house and started setting up the village only to have pet invaders knocking things around. To keep them out of village would have been expensive and likely unnecessary.  

As it were, the pandemic taught me something about our house and places we use or dont use.  I moved it to a different area where I could keep the animals out via a toddler door. 

So now I have a train and possible perpetual village scene in the downstairs. 

I decided to do this because 

1. There is a lot of time to put up and tear down each year. 

2. I have always wanted to do model railroading. 

3. I have been able to do better work with ascetics because I dont think I will need to tear it down anytime soon. 

4. I have built this village up for years and the tear up and tear down would break things.  I hated retiring pieces that I enjoyed and dont really desire to get more at this point (think I have enough as it is). 

So I hope you enjoy the work "so far" as I am sure I will be tweaking and changing this over time. Majority of the pieces are collected from Lemax and the train is HO scale. 

A video is on YouTube: