Thursday, April 1, 2021

Honoring and Remembering - Mark

Maundy Thursday Reflection Mark 14-15

Tony E Dillon-Hansen

Reflection based upon the Passion of our Lord from Mark 14-15

Opening prayer

One could spend plenty of time pointing fingers when reading and hearing the Passion. Who is to blame?  I submit to you there is plenty of blame to be had and go around. Maybe that speaks to the issues we raised Sunday about the crowd shouting Hosanna becomes this.

It is our duty to raise a voice against violence and injustice that is revealed – even and especially when it is inconvenient. Maybe that is how we truly honor and remember Jesus’s sacrifice - and the many who followed.

Through all of this, we should keep in mind this thought. We witness how perverse justice and corruption can destroy but Jesus prevails.  Even more, there is a question for us (you and me) to consider, Why did Jesus do this?  Simply, the answer is “you are worthy.” You are worthy of the gifts, of justice, of God’s grace and of God’s steadfast love. Jesus went through this because you are worthy.

Let the spirit of God be with us and give us courage to be worthy.

Thanks Be to God.

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