Sunday, April 10, 2022

What would the stones say - Luke 19

 What Would the Stones Say

Tony E Dillon Hansen

Sermon based upon Luke 19:28-40; Psalm 118

Opening Prayer

“Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.” We Shout hosanna! 

Shout hosanna - Why? - a good question

The symbolism of this marks a stark difference between the kingdom of God versus the Rome  on full display. 

Rome is full of pomp and circumstance, soldiers, swords, people wearing rich cloaks, horses - all on display to demonstrate the greatness of Rome with no doubt who is charge.

Jesus walks in from another gate into the city with multitude of ragtag folks, welcomed by people on the fringe, pulling branches from trees. There is a borrowed donkey, cloak used for sitting instead of wearing, even throwing some on the ground to be trampled by donkey and people alike, and Jesus - full of hopes, expectations and mystery.

Why is all of this happening? What have people heard? Who is this coming into their midsts? 

Roman Triumphs were for Romans and the leaders celebrating victory.

People ride on horses, in carriages for people to raise their heads to look up at them, upon the glory of these from a distance. They demonstrate public dominance - of the conquered “don’t even think it” - a reminder who is in control - For even elites and all to understand who the master is - it aint you.

Jesus “triumph” is all about the people and God. This entrance is all about life, hope, and upending traditions that take away life. For regular folks (you and me). You are worthy of celebration. God is throwing a party, you and I are invited. 

People bring their hopes and dreams “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.” We Shout hosanna! 

Who do they think this one, Jesus, is? What do they expect Jesus to do? Some throw around these-titles of Messiah or king. What does that mean & What did they hope to find and see? 

That raises the deeper question of us here, Who do you want this Jesus to be? What do you want Jesus to do?

Take a look at Luke 19:40, these stones.  We have seen stones periodically these past few weeks. 

How did we make ordinary stones into something extraordinary? We passed a blessing onto them. Do you still have your stone? Your blessing? What does it say to you and why? Incidentally, it might say something different to you today then before.

The stones have been here before us, seen generations pass and will see more. What do they tell us today? We need saved and the good news has arrived!

Jesus is coming into Jerusalem to bring good news not just the countryside but for all people. 

People need hope, need reconciliation, need love and they need God. Maybe, that is what the stones say. The elites can dance all day on their parades, but we need our savior in Jesus - who brings hope, forgiveness and love. For this we shout hosanna!

Why? Because we are a child of God.We shout hosanna!

Jesus isn’t for just a few but for all. Glory is not just for those well-to-do, in horse-drawn carriages, with rich cloaks and military parades. God’s glory is for all.

Jesus is for the people who are forgotten, left out and pushed out. For this, We shout hosanna! 

For you and me who are doing the best we can, we who fail here and there - For this, we shout hosanna!

For those who work for a living, who navigate this world to raise families - to be good people. For this, We shout hosanna! 

Jesus teaches us to be with each other because we need each other instead finding ways to divide each other. For this, We shout hosanna!

Jesus walks among the crowd -  accessible and real not just a sight from afar or via social media, but in real conversation, real listening, real comfort, and real love.

This contrasts the world power; one that makes some afraid of worldly wrath. Fearful that those with all the so-called world power, in all its brokenness, will come down harsh upon this celebration. 

Quiet the people Jesus. Jesus says “even the stones would shout.”

Why - for they too come alive in this moment. For the young, old, the poor and the questioning. Those looking for victory, for hope, for strength, Jesus comes. For this, we shout hosanna!

Today in Christ, Beloved, behold all that we are and all that we can be - together.  

What would the stones say? Maybe, they are blessing us with hope, faith and love of generations. 

Listen carefully. God is speaking through them, God is coming, God is blessing.

Jesus brings celebration despite clouds of threat and violence- Jesus brings certain blessings of liberation and forgiveness to you.

It is time to shout, “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.” Shout hosanna! 

The Lord has come for you! Shout out your frustrations and worries. Now Let God’s blessing be yours. Receive it, feel it - live your blessing!

“Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.” We Shout hosanna! 

Beloved, let your heart sing!

Thanks Be to God

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